January 2011 Member Of The Month

With a new year, a new SitePoint Member Of The Month.

I’m happy to announce the January 2011 Member Of The Month is, all round nice guy, Immerse. :cool:

He was very kind to spare us some time to tell us a little about himself, enjoy!


Good to know more about you Alex after all these years!
Congratulations and well deserved MOTM :tup:

Thanks everyone! I’m honoured to be MotM :slight_smile:
And thanks to Anthony for the interesting interview!

Best wishes for 2011!

Congratulations! :musicman:

Nice interview! Goodluck with your new project - looks & sounds quite interesting! :tup:

All the best and well deserved!..Oh and Happy New Year, what a way to start!


Congratulations and happy new year :slight_smile:

Happy New Year Immerse! Your Fruml CMS sounds interesting, congratulations on winning the Member of the Month Award for January!

Good job Immerse. Here’s to good things for the upcoming year.

Nice interview guys; well done! Fruml looks amazing, Immerse, so good luck with it. :slight_smile:

Really nice! Congratulations and happy new year to all :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Immerse! :tup:

Congratulations Immerse :slight_smile:

Congratulations Immerse! (:

Nice interview! I always enjoy finding out more about the people behind the screens :slight_smile:

Congrats, and a happy new year! :slight_smile:

No love? Oh well, .NET people get no respect on SP.

Whilst I’m sure you don’t mean to take anything away from Immerse’s well deserved award, I find that quite a strange statement to make.

With the .NET forum only having ~13,104 threads, compared to the PHP forum’s ~118,515, I think it’s more a case of .NET having disproportionate representation here at SitePoint, rather than a lack of respect.

Congratulations Alex! :eye:

If you’re referring to the content management solution I mentioned in the interview, then it has nothing to do with the language but with the product being overpriced and lacking features. .NET is pretty cool as far as I’m concerned, it’s simply a programming language I don’t speak very well. :slight_smile:

No, it wasn’t personal, I was just referring to SP bias toward everything but Microsoft products. PHP has it’s place, to each their own. But congratulations on your software, hope/should make some $$$$ off it.

nice answers. Take appointment from me to Review sitepoint for 2012

Congratulations Alex :slight_smile:

Congrats Alex.