It's the time to be jolly

Merry Christmas everyone. Let’s come together and be friendly won’t we? Do any of you guys like Christmas? If not, tell me why?

I, personally, do not like set times for anything. :mask:

I don’t like painting by numbers, :arrow_heading_down:

I don’t like “JQuery”, “WordPress” or “bootstrap”. :arrow_heading_down:

Christmas is perfectly :ok: just so long as I don’t have to do it. :mask:



I see. Would you prefer being gifted or you giving the gift?

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.


Merry Christmas to everyone! Cheer up, @Coothead. There has to be something that you like and that makes you happy.

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What about Sir Isaac Newton’s 373rd birthday - did you at least acknowledge that important 25th December 2015 event?


Being alive makes me cheerful 365.25 days a year. :sunglasses:

Not reading newspapers, watching television news or
believing any other media bullshit sustains that inner
peace which is the basis of genuine cheerfulness. :cool:

His birthday and his death day have no importance
to me whatsoever. :mask:

I do not even care what he ate for breakfast. :cold_sweat:

The importance of his scientific work though, is
certainly worthy of acknowledgement any day of
the year. :ok:


Merry Christmas to everyone and have a good day…:slight_smile:

To Whom It May Concern

Coothead is excused Christmas

Ma Coothead


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