Its say no such a directory exist, thanks

i have this problem for every file so i am not writing whole coding i am writing few lines and than i am explaining the error.

  1. <?php

  2. include_once(“C:\\Users\\arif\Desktop\

  3. ?>

Warning: include_once(C:\Users\arif\Desktop ewregistration\checkuserlog.php)

failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/80/8261380/html/index.php on line 3

i am including the file name checkuserlog.php and i checked it path for the file is C:\Users\arif\Desktop
ewregistration\checkuserlog and the type of the file is phpscript (.php)

this problem i have in every file which i am trying to include in the index. So if some body able to solve it for me i will be able to solve others,


…The file may exist on YOUR computer, but it does not exist on the SERVER.
Your computer and the Server you have are two different systems. Have different files and file paths.

no it was on my server as well, but i corrected, instead of typing the full path, i am just now writing a directory thats working for me

thanks for the reply

Just to answer your initial question, the reason why this can’t find your file is because
has special meaning of newline. When you use double quotes and use \
, it still translates into
. One solution would be to use single quotes: ‘C:\Users\arif\Desktop
ewregistration\checkuserlog.php’, which then will not translate
into its special meaning (you can also remove the double slashes). The second solution is to double escape the
, like so “C:\\Users\\arif\Desktop\\\

thanks for the answer and special thanks for the explanation.


The problem is not "
" or the value of the include. The problem is the path on the server is not the same as it is on the computer. A Linux server does not have a C: drive or a desktop folder.