Its okay to delete almost all of my articles

Hi sitepoint. i using a website design services to changed my site template 3 months ago, and i found that all my articles are broken. And the webmaster shows eror 404 (not found) and also all image in articles are gone. and a month later, all of my targeted keyword are gone from google serp. I asked for their help, but they only said sorry and gave up. (i really hate them).

My question is,

  1. its okay if i delete all my articles, and start the new one?
  2. did my keywords will come back if i using this method?
  3. What i need to do to get solve this problem? I was thinking to buy a new domain instead fixing this problem :frowning:

Thank you and i really appreciate for any responses/ :smile:

That’s probably the best way to ensure your ranking drops altogether, so I’d avoid doing that.

You probably don’t need to do anything as radical as that. The design service you used was just incompetent, that’s all. Someone who knows what’s going on should be able to restore the proper connections. It might be best to bite the bullet and hire a better service provider.


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