It's like Dropbox...wait - it IS Dropbox, just...better

Google Drive was released today. I’m downloading it now, but it seems to be Dropbox (and pre-release rumors said similar things) except…on 'roids (You start w/ 5GB instead of 2).



If you wanted to create a system image of your PC you’d need one of the paid options.

Microsoft have also been banging on about their SkyDrive cloud storage too, which I love to use. According to Microsoft they’re the best, surprise surprise, eh? But in all fairness they have got a great cloud storage solution. I considered Google Drive, [URL=“”]but then I seen this image from their terms of service.

I’m going to stick with SkyDrive.

Concerning Skydrive, you used to get 25GB for free. Well now it is 7GB for free. But if you are a previous user you get a free upgrade back to 25GB. I don’t know how long before you are locked out of the 25GB upgrade, however.

I have looked at numerous free Cloud systems to host numerous dynamic thumbnails to help speed up a slow website.

So far I have only found Cloudy sites that require uploaded simple thumbnail to be encrypted with extremely lengthy URL, also usually logging in required to access the files. All Cloud systems prevent a simple path change to access the Cloudy thumbnail file.

I am looking forward to see what Google has to offer.

While I understand the clause you highlighted is so that google can work with the data (and every cloud service has something similar), the phrase “publicly display and distribute” scares me a little. :eek:

If you want to store data securely, the cloud is not the place to do it.

If you want to store data securely then you encrypt it. Thus the cloud is perfectly fine.

Heh it’s cool and all, but I have ~20GB in Dropbox for free. And 25 in SkyDrive. And 5GB from google isn’t game braking or something, it’s just one of the many.

Impossible? You must share your mystic ways with us. :shifty:

I realized that Google Drive has no filesharing capacities (mainly: a dl link), which makes me mad - I don’t really use DB for cloud - I trust my drives to carry my stuff.