It's ironic that a site which talks about design and development can have such an atrocious user interface/experience

This is one of the most convoluted, poorly designed (UI) forums I have ever used. And the ridiculous amounts of popups and warnings - it’s worse than stack exchange.

Hi @sitepoint922 and welcome to the forums.
I definitely cannot experience the ridiculous amounts of popups you describe. Perhaps one or two specific examples about the point you’re trying to make would make your criticisms a little more constructive.


The popups are not the main problem. The poor layout, poor design, poor convoluted structure of this website, poor usability, this is the third worst forums I’ve ever used.

Again, specific examples would help people know what you’re talking about, just saying something is bad doesn’t really help anyone much here…


Needs to be redone from the ground up.

Well that’s too easy to say…

Sounds like someone is just trolling. I get no popups and find the UI very easy to use compared to other forums. I can very easily see what the new posts are as well as the category. I find the auto-quote on right-click very useful as well.


not trolling.

Then you need to give concrete examples, screenshots and mockups would go a long way to help your cause, because there are many higher profile sites that use this forum software than Sitepoint, so if it was truly that horrendous, something would have been done by now with it.

Failure to provide anything meaningful will result in this topic being closed.


I think we’d be the first to agree that improvements can always be made. But without knowing what problem(s) you are having there’s not much that be done.

I see you have “sitepoint” in your member name. How are you affiliated with SitePoint?


I bet that was the default name it suggested when signing up :wink:

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I’d have to take issue with this.

The forums migrated from vBulletin to the current Discourse software some three years ago, and initially I hated the new version. Part of that was simply because it was unfamiliar, and part of it was because there really were a lot of issues with it at that time. However, improvements have been made, and I have become used to the platform. There are still some problems, mainly on the Admin side, but the forum itself I find very usable. I prefer to use keyboard navigation, and Discourse has built-in shortcuts which make this easy.

There are a number of threads around aimed at helping new members familiarise themselves with Discourse, and also the “Discobot” tutorials. If you can explain where you’re finding difficulties, I’m sure we could provide assistance.


This is the third worst posts (sic) I’ve ever read!

Whatever happened to constructive criticism?

There is always room for improvement and good well thought out criticism is welcomed.


Each forum has it’s own design. If you are used to the old fashion design where there are different categories on the index page and going through each category gives you a different set of category and topics. Then you have come to the wrong place. Sitepoint uses Discourse which in itself is a unique way of making forum softwares. Newer technologies have proven this. If you’ve used the new beta version of Flarum before, it seems to dictate that the new way of making forums is going to be this way. If you don’t like the change in technology, then I don’t think IT is best suited for you. Adaptation is a must for soft skills.

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I disagree. This forum offers a lot of progressive features that older forums would benefit from. Not to mention the responsiveness of actions compared to older style websites. I’m normally the first person to say something sucks but not this, sorry. I think the person is just a troll. The ads are really the only thing that are irritating but gotta make that money.


It does seem odd to sign up to a site of which they have such a low opinion. Presumably they looked around the forum before signing up, so why bother? Why not just move on and look for a site which suits them better?


Discourse is definitely unique in terms of a forum experience. Doesn’t follow classic forum look and feel. Also I rarely see a Discourse forum very customized. They all pretty much look the same to me. I don’t know if that’s because Discourse doesn’t have good templating/styling, or because it just works that well out of the box?

Regardless, things like real time alerts, forever scroll, the editor box, it’s all good!

Discourse has made plugin development fairly easy to do for a while. Making theme development easier for those less versed in programming has been relatively recent (less than a year). But IMHO, it looks like progress in that direction is off to a good start

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