OK, now, its FINALLY UP. Now please, go see, and tell me 2 things:
! How to shrink the green header bar so the words are in the vertical center
2. How to make the words in the header bigger? Where/what to type in style sheet?
Thanks to all for all your help!

Have you validated the HTML and CSS, yet? If not, please do.

Also, please define “header” as there is no “header” tag or class in your code.

Don’t know exactly what validating is. The green bar running across the page is the header. Thanks.

My apologies.
Suggest that you Bookmark these two essential services.


click the small “message filtering” button for a summary view.


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The first one to fix is the typo.
<doctype html>
needs an explanation point. i.e.
<!DOCTYPE html>

* I don’t think “doctype” needs to be uppercase, only that I always do.


Validator didn’t like Tahoma as a font, so i’ll just change that to Arial, or something else. HOW to enlarge it, though?
I found and fixed the small font in the green bar problem, but I had to increase the vertical size of the bar to cover them. WHAT determines the position of the top of the bar?

Validator also says " padding only 0 can be a unit. You must put a unit after your number 10". Is this a way of saying I need to put the px after the number? I noticed it was not there. BUT those were the only two complaints the validator had.

It wants a unit of measure. It can be pixels, but it also be percent, em etc.

The <length> data type consists of a <number> followed by one of the units listed below. As with all CSS dimensions, there is no space between the unit literal and the number. The length unit is optional after the number 0.

No, there are more.

The problem with the doctype that @Mittineague and the validator mentioned is still there.

one step at a time.

Could I use relative or absolute positions to get the green bar where I want it? I seem to remember that being a way to park something in a particular place. That would go in the nav ul part of the style sheet, right?

! NO.

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Seems positioning would be a way of placing items where you want them on the screen. Ideas?

Bang! No. Absolutely not.

Please fix the doctype.

I am first going to fix the problems in the file, then when I have all that done, I will trade out with the website.

The validator is looking at the only file that we are aware of.

What does that mean?

Understand, but first I want the file problems fixed, then I will just swap out files with the website when all is done.

I will use FileZilla to take out the existing index file, and put a corrected one up.

Sounds good. :slight_smile:

The doctype declaration needs to be the first thing fixed. It clues the browser in to what set of rule specifications should be used to display the page.

With that failing browsers will be left to make their “best guess” which is almost guaranteed to cause problems.

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Yeah, I am amazed it got left out. We will see what kind of site it looks like with that in it.