Its been 3 months, still no clients for my freelance design career! Help Please

Hi friends,

Its been 3 months since I started my website, I am getting 1 or 2 site visits every day. I have created social accounts in facebook, linkedin, pinterest, google+. Also I have added fortfolio, about me, faq pages in my website. I also use google analytics & webmaster tools. I feel my website is clean and easy to navigate. My site is displaying in 3rd page in google, and 2nd page in bing and yahoo for the search word “freelance graphic designer bangalore(myplace)”. But still no client!!!, What else should I try to do to get clients? Please help!!!

Cold Call businesses? Go knock on doors? Physical Advertising (flyers)?

You can’t assume people will automatically find you, you have to build your business like a brick and mortar store.

Thanks for your advice cpradio. The problem is I am still working as an employee. I have very little time, say 1 hour a day and weekend. Apart from physical advertising is there anything I could online?

To be honest, I would venture to guess that the bigger issue is you don’t have any “real” examples of your work. All you’ve got are your generic mock-ups. Unfortunately, there are so many “graphic designers” running around that most people aren’t going to go out and hire an unknown quantity without some personal connection.

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  • To be honest, some of your samples look like they were lifted out of magazines.

  • It is unclear to me in many of your samples what you did. For example did you do the photos, product layout, graphics, design, what? (Also, see above.)

  • Adding to David’s comments, you need to develop relationships with potential customers.

  • Referrals is how your business will start to take off

  • If you did a “real” example and included a photo and quotes from a “real” client with “real” problems that you solved, combined with a great referral, then I think you’d start to see positive results.

No time to work on your business? Find time! You might even have to reduce your hours with your day job, quit it, or do something to spend time on growing your new busines - which takes LOTS of effort.

Best of luck!!


Maybe the keyword you chose for your domain name is a bit competitive and you need to really do some SEO on it, try adding more backlinks a mix of dofollow and nofollow links pointing back to your site. That should improve your rankings and you should expect more traffic.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

No offense, but how do you expect to do consultations if you don’t have time to make cold calls? They aren’t going to want to consult with you on the weekend and probably eat lunch the same time you do.

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Hi mikey, Thanks for your suggestions & for your time!

  • In all my samples I tried to show what I can do. I am being honest, I have not taken any thing out of any magazine, but of course I have used vectors & images which are available for free on the web. And each sample is created within a very short period of time(Average time I took to design each template is 10-20mins). Also the works you see under portfolio page are all created by me only!
  • I will seriously consider adding proper description for each template.
  • I would love to develop relationships with potential customers, I hope it will happen soon along with referrals
  • I am eagerly waiting to create a “real” example :smile:

Yes I agree, these are the challenges I need to face.

Then you do very nice work.

Still, I think your samples need to be grouped/presented in a way that focuses in.

If I am looking for help with a logo, that gets lost in your whole page samples.

Have a gallery for…

  • Logos
  • Font
  • Webpage Layout
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards

All I recall seeing was a “dump” of everything you do, and everything being entire pages where I didn’t know if what you did was 90% copying a template and 10% you actually creating something.

You also need COPY!!!

Don’t just show pretty pictures, but describe what you do and why you are better than your competition.

I would have a page of Logos, an intro paragraph of why “branding” is important, maybe some “Case Studies” from your actual clients, and then a gallery of other samples.

If you could create a blog where you write about Logos or Business Cards or Wedding Invitations then you could help potential customers even more.

Don’t make potential customers think or assume.

Spell things out for us! Help us!

See above.

The only way it will happen is if you make it.

Go bug your family or friends for a mini project. Maybe do it for free or at a reduced price.

Produce a real sample for a real customer and a real situation as mentioned by @DaveMaxwell

Once you complete an assignment hopefully your family/friends/neighbors will like it enough to show it to their friends and family a nd you will get a referral and another job.


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