It is possible to make back links with social sites?


I want to make backlinks for my website named as Technical Veteran. Pls suggest how to make backlinks I am not able to make any Backlinks. Even while writing trying to be smart by putting a link in the description but forums are always giving me the no-follow link.


Any links you place yourself are worthless for SEO purposes, and any decent forum will mark links as no-follow as suggested by Google.


You seem to be misunderstanding the purpose of these sites. The purpose of social media is to allow people to be social, not to provide an opportunity for link-dropping. Likewise, forums are a place for discussion, not for promotion. Some forums do have an area set aside for advertising, but link-dropping on most forums is likely to get you banned - as it will here.

As @gandalf458 says, links which you place yourself are regarded as worthless by search engines, and reputable sites will follow Google's guidelines and mark such links nofollow. I suggest you take time to read Google's guidelines, especially


Yes , you can to make, but you can make more blacklist with submit in directory, comments on forums with signature and comments on blogs with links.


I think that might be a typo and you actually meant "backlinks", rather than "blacklist", but blacklist is probably more accurate here. As explained above, using forums for link-dropping will not gain you credit with search engines, but may very well get you banned from the forum.


yes, sorry , back links not blacklist ! Many forums accepted in your signature a link for back links!


That' true, but as stated above, reputable forums will mark such links as nofollow, in accordance with Google's guidelines. Even where this is not the case, links which you place yourself, described by Google as

links that weren’t editorially placed or vouched for by the site’s owner on a page

are of little or no value for SEO purposes. If you are providing useful replies, they may help drive traffic to your site, but that's not the question here.


As @TechnoBear told that, social media is a place to be social not for dropping links.
I suggest you three things that can help you increase your chances of backlinking.

  1. Create content that can add value to your blog industry. Not just copy and paste.

  2. Include case studies and new statistics that encourage other's to refer you.

  3. Create infographics and share them on social media. especially on Twitter

  4. Guest blogging

  5. Guest - o - graphics

How to get Back links for a new website

The purpose of social media is to connect with the people on an online platform with social intent. People create business page of their brand/company to interact with their followers so that they engaged with your activities and boost your online reputation. So you can create content for social media platform to attract visitors and increase followers. The most preferable content on social media is videos. As you said you are a Technical Veteran, create videos on your niche and share them on social media.
Other things we do to boost traffic are:
1. Guest blogging related to your niche.
2. Content outreach.
3. Paid promotions.


Hello, Yes, You can make backlinks from social sites. You can go for another tasks like blog commenting, image sharing, web 2.0, blog posting and forum discussion. Remember that try to choose those websites which have more then 50 PA, DA and website should be relevant as your business services and make sure you are creating do-follow links. Anchor text should be variant in every 3 to 4 submission.


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