Issue with pop-up on page

Hey Guys,

Site is working good on web browsers but we are facing issue while open on smart phones. Our subscribe pop-up will not going to hide any where and block the complete page for users.:sick:

Here is our blog Link . we want it will open same as web browsers. Please some tips how can i solve this issue.

Off Topic:

Ew, stinky poo poo popup. :frowning:

Hi shobee. That can easily be fixed via @media rules. Your popup has a width over 600px, which is too wide for small screens. So you need a rule something like this:

@media only screen and (max-width: 700px) {
	.center-in-window {width: 100%; height: auto; left: 0;}

That’s a rough example. I lost the popup and couldn’t activate it again, so didn’t get to test the exact code needed.