Issue with Internet Explorer

I dont have IE10 / IE 11 browser in my PC.

I have windows 7 + IE 9 in my PC

However I want to test my web application in IE10 & IE 11 without installing these browsers in my PC.

Could you please suggest any workaround ?

Have you tried IETester?

You can also set up virtual machines to run different versions of IE:

IE9 is way out of date now, though, so I would recommend you upgrade to IE11.

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Virtually no one supports IE7 these days and indeed ie8/9 usage is very low also. You really should test on a real ie11 as that has the highest user base in the IE family now.

For quick testing of css features (not js) the iestester as mentioned above is 99% accurate for css. The virtual machines are of course completely accurate but are a pain to install and maintain.:slight_smile:

For testing all of IE (and a lot of smart phones, tablets, and OS’s) I prefer

You get a free 30 minute trial but then you have to pay. I certainly recommend it. Especially if your work can get you it.

IEtester won’t give IE10 and 11 results unless you have them installed on your machine.

IETester - It supports upto IE9 . does not have IE10 , IE11 - This looks confusing . my server is local only. Can I download browserstack to local and test locally ?

I’m OK with local installation.

Paul, are you sure IE Tester has IE10/IE11 ? I tried to download but its written that they support upto IE 9.

virtual machine is not possible …its too heavy … 6.4 GB size :disappointed:

No you need to have IE11 as your default IE browser (which you should be doing anyway) and then you can use ietester for ie8 and 9 testing. IE10 only works on some set ups in ietester but in reality ie10 is dead and has virtually zero usage. (The ietester site seems to be down at the moment so hopefully that is only temporary).

You can use the developer tools in IE11 to emulate other versions but its not very accurate and doesn’t pick up any of the bugs in those browsers which would be the main reason to use it.

Perhaps a better way to test is to dig out that old computer you have in the cupboard and load an old version on that for testing. I have some old laptops with old versions running which I use for testing when all else fails.

Luckily these days modern browsers do account for over 90% of users so its not a big an issue as it was when ie6 was the largest browser.

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Thanks Paul

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