Issue with getting a image slider to work "jQuery"

I’m pretty new to jQuery but i feel like i’m catching on pretty quick. I’m building my own personal website to build up my portfolio.

I downloaded a image scrolling jQuery plugin, and I have it working well in firefox where i don’t want it but i can’t seem to get it to work where i want it at, and IE not at all. So far i’ve only been testing the page in firefox and IE so i don’t know what it looks like in other browsers. You can check it at [][1]

Pretty much everything is jQuery so you can view it in the src code but I’ll outline the main issue below.

i’m using :


to call the page with the div element on it that holds the slider but for some reason it’s only displaying the images vertically and not initializing the plugin. but when I use it elsewhere by just putting this div In the body it works perfect.

i’m trying to use it in a place that dynamically changes when you hover over different menu items. I believe that’s whats causing the biggest issues for me but i’m really not sure how to fix it. Ive tried everything I know how to do.

Perhapse there’s a much better way to go about the whole thing that i haven’t thought of.

I hope I explained this well enough.

Okay, I got it to work in chrome and firefox, but I still can’t get anything out of IE. I have no idea what to do. fixing the code was one thing but I don’t really understand cross-browser issues like this. please help me.

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