Issue in displaying value of select field in table column

this is my select field in form

                             <select class="form-control" id="fruits" name="fruits" type="text">
                                       <option value = '0'>-Select-</option>
                                       <option value = '1'>Apple</option>  
                                       <option value = '2'>Orange</option>

This is how I am trying to get the values

                 $conn = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", ""); // Establishing Connection with Server..
                $db = mysqli_select_db($conn,"basket");
                $list= mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT fruits from tbl_shop_A");
                 $row = $list->fetch_object()

// display names but as the values are storing in databse as option values they are displaying in table also as option value

       <th><?php echo $row->fruits; ?></th>

i.e. <th> 2 </th>

The values are storing in database as option values i.e 1, 2

  • but I want to display it in table according to their names i.e. orange , apple
    How to do that ?

Well, ask yourself this - why are you giving them values of 0,1,2?

Also there’s no way you’re calling this line:
$row = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT fruits from tbl_shop_A");
followed by this one
<php echo $row->medium; ?>;
because you haven’t selected anything called ‘medium’ in your query. Also $row isnt a row. It’s the query result. You’ll have to get your values out of it (fetch, fetch_array, etc) somehow.

So show us the actual code you’re trying to debug.

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hey Sorry for the mistake now I have updated my code please guide me through it

I see form HTML and the SELECT query code. If the SELECT is returning numeric values from the “fruits” field of the “tbl_shop_A” table it suggests that field contains numeric values.

What has not been shown is how the value attribute values from the <option> elements are getting into those table fields.

Can you post the code related to the INSERT (and UPDATE if there is one) query?

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