ISPConfig VPS Trouble

Today I rented a VPS to start putting my webhost on because I’m gonna need more than PHP scripts to run on upcoming websites. Because of that I have installed ISPconfig, but I have no clue on how to get my domain which is from rented from company A to direct to the VPS from company B where I rent my VPS. I’ve tried Google for some answers, but the ISPconfig manual costs €5 compared to the free sofware itself. Has anyone got experience with ISPconfig or suggests a better and more easy solution? Any help is appreciated since I don’t know anything about webhosting on a VPS.

Where is your DNS running from? You have to point your domain to those DNS servers first. If you are hosting your own DNS servers, you have to register those entries with the domain registrar and bind them to the proper IP addresses. Is this the trouble you are facing?

I guess this is my problem, so currently I’m using the DNS servers from company B. But can I use Google’s DNS servers for example? Can you tell me exactly what I have to set where because I really don’t know how this works on a VPS. Here are some images from the ISPConfig.

Google’s DNS servers are only for fetching records to a client, so they are not what you are looking for. You will not be able to add/remove records to suit your needs.

There are 2 possibilities of how you can proceed:

  1. See if your server host offers a DNS service and use theirs. This would require no DNS setup with ISPConfig. The downside to this being that all changes will most likely need a ticket sent in, in order to be processed.

2 Maintain your own DNS. This is not as simple as it sounds and requires some research on your part if you don’t know about creating records. The upside being full (and in case of sub-domains, instant) access to new DNS records that you can deploy any time.

Option 2 is your best choice, and I will try and give you links to concise tutorials to help you on your way

Step 1: Create nameserver entries with your registrar, and bind them to the IP’s you want your DNS servers to work off of. This takes 24 - 48 hours to propagate, so I suggest doing this as much in advance as possible. Then, when you get further along, your site is not left in internet purgatory. An example using GoDaddy is here:


Step 2: Create a DNS zone. Documentation on this can be found here, and info on record types can [URL=“”]be found here. Make sure if you are transferring an existing domain, that you populate the zone with all sub-domains in addition to what the wizard does.

Step 3: After all of the above is set up, you can then point your domain(s) at your newly formed name server entries. Again, this will take time. Please be patient while your DNS records propagate throughout the world. Usually done in maybe 6 hours, but it can take up to 72 hours to circle the globe.

This is a bare bones tutorial, so let me know if there is anything else you need help with. Good luck!!

I’ve got it setup, but I’m changing registrar in like 2 days. I’ll see what I can do then, I’ve got a deadline for a website that I have to finish and I need to focus on that first, I’ll respond to this topic again. Thanks for helping me.

Anything I can do to help, just let me know!