Is z-index the correct css to be used in this situation?

I’ve recently changed the height on my hero image, which has caused the sub-menu drop-down to appear behind the content. I’m not sure if z-index is the correct CSS to be used in this case. Can anyone provide a solution to this problem?

Link to example:

I don’t think you need it at all, though I could be mistaken. :slight_smile:

Try remove the z-index on the sp-greeting-wrapper, it is set to 9999 but I think you could comment it out or set to auto.

Otherwise you need to rise the sp-header-wrapper z-index to more than 9999.

Usually the AP sub-menu doesn’t need a raised stacking level, but if you have positioned content below, the stacking level need to be higher.

Test and post back. :slight_smile:

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It was the z-index after all. I removed the z-index:9999 which was set on the sp-greeting-wrapper, that did the trick!

Thanks for the suggestion!

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