Is Twitter More Hype Than Substance?

I’ve been using Twitter for about a year now and have had some excellent results. I’ve increased my affiliate sales exponentially and made some valuable contacts. In addition, links to my marketing articles have been passed along to many other Twitter users. Twitter is everything I thought it was and then some.

How about you? Is Twitter everything you thought it was or do you think it’s more hype than substance?

David Jackson

If its social reason only then it doesn’t matter who follows you but if you gonna market something then you should make it to a point to follow those people who will be interested with your product or service and hope they will follow you back.

Other day somebody at my forum was saying he found us from twitter.

Another guy i know gets orders on his ecommerce site using twitter.

But yeah like others said its a lot of work for sure.

I’d give it a mixed review. The more you put into it the more you get out of it.

I think as a mode of advertising, it’s iffy. I also agree with what was said above about depending on who you mingle with.

I followed around 100 people, and have 80 followers and I TRY to mingle but every single person I followed just spammed the hell out of their followers.

Of course, it’s more for long-term.

I know somebody who has 10,000 followers and they were complaining that they hadn’t made a single sale or generated a single lead…took a look at their profile and all they did was spam. Not one personal message. Thing is, their followers were largely made up of spammers also.

*when I refer to spam, I don’t mean true spam “I didn’t ask for this”. I mean constant bombardment of sales messages.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Good stuff…Keep it coming!

David Jackson

Still trying to work it out :slight_smile: I have tweetboard on my forum but I don’t think any of my clients have worked it out yet.

Twitter is for long term promotion, it can give wonderful results, if worked properly. it cannot drive short term sales. it’s all about building a reputation, how can you do that? by tweeting useful things, useful information, links and by sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. once you build a reputation, people will start listening to you.

It’s given some of my stuff added exposure, gotten me a couple of job leads and allows me to blog with minimum effort while keeping in touch with friends. :slight_smile:

I say all hail Twitter, may it continue to power my irrelevant ramblings and connect me with the crazy people! :stuck_out_tongue:

i haven’t had any success using twitter to market anything online…twitter, to me, is more for social reaons.

i havent liked it much at the beginning. more I used it i found more values.

The difference is that you decided to follow somebody on twitter, as oppose to them messaging you privately without you first initiating and allowing contact.

I think that depends largely on the crowds you hang around with on Twitter. Some people are tweeting some amazingly useful things and others are pretending to do just that.

Personally I’ve benefit from twitter in getting ideas, insights, even employee leads via Twitter.

For the company it’s a vital place to be involved in. We use it for customer service, for branding, for buzz building, for feedback, you name it, we do it. Almost everything we could want comes via Twitter although direct sales aren’t the first benefit… but that’s ok, provided that you understand how to benefit from engagement based methods and create a long term brand value.

i don’t see the difference between those two