Is Traffic Swarm useless?


I decided to use TrafficSwarm to drive traffic to one of my newer websites. What the site does is you go there and you click on other peoples websites to gain credits, then you can use those credits to advertise your site.

I managed to get around 200 credits and although my traffic has gone up, it has so far been pointless. I realize people only click on your advertisement so that they can just get the points and not actually pay any attention to your site.

A lot of the sites on there are kind of annoying anyway because most of them are “get rich quick” schemes. But I want to know your opinion on it. Have you ever used Traffic Swarm?


So have you ever used it? Or anything similar?

I’ve looked into it (and some similar ones), but they all have the issue that you mentioned. I spend my time on other areas at this point instead (building content, etc).

Yeah for now I’m just going to let my ad run until my credits run out, then I’ll just close my account. It’s kind of hard for me though to get traffic when no one knows about the web site. So I just decided to use a little bit of adwords again last night and already got someone who was interested enough to click on my ad and then post something.

Can you give us the url of the Traffic Swarm?

I have dabbled with some traffic exchanges and like yourself I’ve found them to be useless for most practical purposes.

At 1 point I had tabs opened for 3 different traffic exchanges and wasn’t even looking at the ads, just clicking away to build up my credits.

However, I did have a bit of success with some of them that require the page to be open for a longer period (40 seconds vs 6) in that the longer view period did force people to read more of your site.

Never use them, what I need is quality traffic, the ones that could convert, poor quality traffic is useless and may get you banned by Affiliate Newworks.

I have used it, and a long time ago I was like more active with these traffic generators. They are completely useless! never invest to that site.

Back when it started it was great. Now-a-days, it’s a little old and outdated. Nothing against it, but things change quickly on the net. What worked a few months ago easily becomes obsolete today. Not everything, but when it comes to traffic, software, techniques, etc… a lot of times.

Using these ponzi get traffic fast exchanges is total waste of time, I always avoid them no matter what.

I have never used Traffic Swarm in my campaign but I have used similar programs before. Most of the sites I registered to are offering a certain amount instead of credits and a certain minimum amount is needed before you can withdraw your earnings. As I learned from my close friends, they are very effective in driving traffic but very low and sometimes zero in conversion.

So, I would suggest for those who are planning to invest in these programs to have a second thought about your decision. Just use the standard way of promoting your site using SEO and PPC. The latter needs investment but offers higher ROI too. Good Luck!

You must think that other people, or robots, will do exactly what you do: just focus on clicking “next” button in order to get more points. I don’t think it is a good way to get real and good traffic. It’s almost the same quality as autosurf traffic.