Is too Many backlinks in a short period of time bad?

Hey, I’ve recently acquired a 9year old domain from a friend, it was given to me free and transferred to my account, it comes up on page one for the keyword I want, however since i put up a blog on it and posted a few articles, its been a while but the information hasn’t changed i.e. the info on google.

Also since i started building backlinks to it, it moved to page 2, could backlinks cause the problems? Ive just asked my partner to being building links to it by commenting on related blogs, the blogs are all high pr, with related content, if he builds about 150 could i get in trouble with google ? or would it be fine considering the domain is 9years old ?

Thanks Guys!

I would suggest don’t try creating links at a fast face.

Well, getting a lot of links for a site will never be bad and benefit you in terms of traffic and ranking if the links are coming in natural way having variations in anchor text and not coming through spamming or by using any black hat SEO Methods.

If you get too many backlinks in a short amount of time and you drop down to very little - doesn’t work.

If you get too many backlinks over a long amount of time (and if they are natural) - it’ll work.

Frequency of link building affects search engine rankings. There are people who agree with this, and some would not agree. It depends on what kind of links you are building, the niche whether its with good competition or not.
Never try to build hundreds of links everyday using some automated tools. Best is to research and try to get the best quality links in a slower manner. Not in a load of links i.e. link farms but in pages where a single link can provide good link value to your website.

Age isn’t everything.

  • If you changed the content from the original, then of course it’s going to rank lower.
  • Google is a domain registrar - they DO check registration changes and can reset the “age” value when ownership of a domain changes, especially combined with changes in content.

I think if you have more links in less time they are not going to give you the
result forever.Those are the links which are made by you artificially and you
are trying that user should click on that and come to your site.

Problem is that at first time if they come to your site and not able to find
some related content or any information then they will never come…!

So try to make the natural link will help you forever…!


I think they do that too, why else did they become a registrar if they’re not actually going to register domains for people? It was for access to the database for ranking reasons I bet.

As for link acqusition patterns, a news story might pick up a lot of links very quickly and it wouldn’t be hurt by that so what looks natural to Google? If it’s possible to hurt yourself by acquiring links too fast then it’s possible for a competitior to do it to you… is the algo that easy to spoof? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, focus on getting ‘real’ links the old fashioned way, i.e. provide something useufl on your site.

I have aenough trouble acquring links anyway to ha

Google might punish you. Make it slowly.

Good amount of very interesting websites received their backlinks in a extremely short period. It is usually good and interesting content that people are attracted to and share around with their friends, blogs or forums.

if you get too many backlinks in a short period of time, of course it seems a little suspicious, especially if you have adsense on your site. Natural backlinks are the best way to go mate

My point was if you are not doing anything wrong you shouldn’t be worried about enormous amounts of links in a short period of time. Some new interesting websites receive thousands of links in one day. Nothing wrong with that.

Yep building too many backlinks is a sure fire red flag to a search engine if you are a new site. However i’m not sure about this for established sites. Look at CNN or Apple they must get literally thousands of new links every day and they aren’t penalised for it. I suppose that Google is generally skilled at spotting spammers who are just trying to throw up new sites quickly.

I don’t think it’s necessarily that new sites are more under scrutiny. However new sites will generally have fewer links than older sites, so a really unbalanced link profile will certainly stand out more, and maybe have a lot better chance to trip a filter.

How about 60 backlinks everyday with my new websites?

Hogwash. You just have to do it right, and that takes a lot of work.

Google might punish you


I think adding a few good links is much better and you don’t waste your time

Google won’t punish you for building too many links too fast, they just may not help you. Think about if your competition could just create hundreds of links to your website. It would effectively destroy your search rankings. Google doesn’t ever punish your website for the number of quality of websites that link to it.

The downside is that your links may not do you any or much good if you’re building them unnaturally. Google has always stated that there is no set number or speed by which you should establish links but they do say that it should be done naturally. If you think that 150 links in a short period of time is unnatural then it’s probably too fast.