Is this the coolest site that you've ever seen?

I’m pretty impressed by the Coin website. Very slick.

Seen any other nice sites lately?

That is really cool!

I’ve seen a couple others that also do that when you scroll. Can’t think of any offhand.

I always liked Stuff and Nonsense’s website; .

I like its style and the illustrations, plus the responsiveness of the design seems really well done too.

I’ve always liked how the sidebar graphics appear to change as you scroll up and down on

edit: hah, of course the day I link to it, they change their sidebar graphics to something else that isn’t quite as interesting.

From the internet archive:

I saw this on some site. The site is definitely cool but is anyone buying this? I’ve thought about it but I only carry 1 Debit Card, 1 VISA, 1 American Express…along w/ other crap load of cards like driver license, insurance card, membershipcard…etc… Because I need to carry other crap load of cards…I decided not to buy this.

Our cards work on a chip system so Coin won’t work over here. I would have bought it otherwise I think. I carry around way too many cards.