Is this image banner pure css or javascript

Hi all

The banner image here -

Is responsive but also seems to scale within the image container

Simple question, Is the banner image here just with css or is there javascript/jquery involved.

The image is a background image of a div that has attributes - data-parallax-effect, data-parallax-offest-x, data-parallax-offest-y and data-parallax-speed

How about visiting the page with Javascript disabled? You can (still) do that with IE, Chrome (if I’m not mistaking), older versions of FF, and FF with an add-on that blocks scripts. That should give you all the information you need, in terms of which aspects are CSS and which JS, if any.

As said, if you disable JS you get an insight into what aspects are/are not controlled by JS. The banner image is just a background set to background-size: cover. The only JS involvement is when you start to scroll, as you get a ‘parallax’ effect of the image scrolling at a different rate.