Is This Code Outdated? Class Question

So, basically, to print out a class we just call it


print newclass.method

Am I missing anything? Also, does ‘NoMethodError’ (in the printout) mean nothing went wrong? I’m just making sure.*


  • 2 questions, I lied :wink:

That works if the method returns a value, object, etc…
Anything with <blahblah>Error means something went wrong. In this case, the class does not have the method you are calling. You will have to a)define it or b)choose one that already exists. You can find a list of classes and methods that exist at

I was there. I actually edited the post. Originally I thought my class examples (from another tutorial, though) was using old code - then I realized I needed to print the results after. :confused:

The problem is the forum didn’t let me edit the title of the thread. TY, for your time.