Is this code looking wrong to you?

Can anyone see anything wrong with the code below please?

<body style=“margin:0; padding:0; font-family:verdana, arial, sans-serif; color:#333; font-size:11px;”>

smart-quotes, small font size.


Unless you’re using it for html email, don’t do it that way. Inline css is a mess to maintain over a long period of time…

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Thanks ronpat, what’s wrong with the coding please?

It is for html emails.

HTML does not recognize a word processor’s “smart quotes” (curly quotes). One must use straight “double” or “single-quotes” (like these).


Are you meaning to use " and not ’ ?

Use " or ', not and .

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No, that is not what I mean. You can use either the straight double quote or the straight single quote. One cannot use the curly “smart” quotes that appear at the beginning and end of the styles in your first post. Look closely with a magnifying glass, if necessary…

Thank you all for your patience, it’s appreciated. I copied and pasted it from somewhere on the net like that. It seems though there’s quote markes like this ” but they should be quote marks like this " Yes?

Yes. For purposes of coding you wrap your code strings in EITHER: INCH MARKS or FOOT MARKS ( not typographical single or double quotes). :slight_smile: Be weary of copy pasting into a word processing app, as sometimes they AUTOMATICALLY convert things wrapped in ft/in marks to curly single or double quotes.

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Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I see where I went wrong now. I need to look more closely in future. :slight_smile:

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