Is this a security risk?


Someone who is helping us with our blogs told us about this script or whatever it is called suexec.

It’s a way to upgrade WP at the speed of light LOL

When I asked my hosting guy about it, he said it’s a security risk.

Is it?

I’m switching hosting companies as soon as I find a new one & I don’t want to ask for this if it is indeed a security hole for WP.



WP has its own built-in upgrade option where you just click one link to upgrade to the latest version so any alternative option will at least take you longer to do the upgrade even if it doesn’t have security issues.

I know that, but it doesn’t work on my current server & when the person who was troubleshooting the problem spoke of what I mentioned above, that’s when my hosting guy said it’s a security risk b/c how WP upgrades changed in vs. 2.8 or something.

That is why I’m asking, b/c I’m going to be changing hosting companies & I only want one that is religious when it comes to security. Many hosting companies just allow anything on their server & then poof, you get hacked.