Is there any way you can combine two different PHP scripts?

Is there any way ,which is possible to combine two different PHP Scripts…for example if I wanted to take a social networking site script and combine it with a social bookmark script. Do you think that is possible with some work?plz anyone let me knw about it

If you have the right framework, you can add the script you want as a class and instantiate it to use it any place on your site .

It depends on the applications.
Are they ad-hoc procedural?
Do they have a solid API?
What does the Database table design look like for each?
Would the time to mesh them take longer than writing your own?
I think you could do it, but it may be time and reading intensive depending on the applications.

I think it is do-able. The problem I see is that each one requires its own login mechanism. Getting the session values and php authentication between the two scripts will be the part to figure out.