Is there any way to get realtime data from bigQuery SDK / API

Hi All,
I working on a project in which I’m facing a problem that I want to get real-time data from BigQuery dataset,
So I research hard I learn about web sockets like pusher and laravel-websocket, and I also test them also
but One thing I didn’t understand that how to do If I connect Bigquery SDK with my laravel project then I didn’t find any event or method that BigQuery gives us to do so, because in my scenario most data comes from IoT devices and the device uses bigQueryAPI to feed data I also want that devices data real-time.

Then I found that there’s a way to connect BigQuery Dataset with firebase and then firebase gives us an event whenever row fed in the dataset

I just want to know Is there’s any that without a firebase solution I can do it?
because the above solution is not free I have to pay firebase to avail of this feature?

thank you
kindly please help I’m stuck in this thing for a week.

Good topic. I, too, am interested in an answer. Maybe the experts in the field can help us find the answer?

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