Is there an area for C#

Is there a C# area where coding techniques are discussed?


There is .Net

Yeah I saw that. I was hoping for something more C# and less Microsoft. LOL


Well technically Mono could still be considered .Net. :smiley:

True. I just want to find a decent platform to develop in without having to follow MS so called best practices.

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The .NET category is definitely what you want. I’ve brought up a discussion internally to discuss what wording changes we can make to that category so it doesn’t seem limited to Microsoft centric discussions. :smile:

I’m game for that. Anything but “.NET”. LOL

Sad I know…



If you have any suggestions for the Category’s description, which currently reads:

Microsoft’s next generation development platform brings many new features. Learn how to use the ASP.NET languages and components effectively and efficiently.

What would you like it to say. I’m a bit stumped at the moment for what to change it to. I’d gladly pass on your suggestion to the team though!

Thanks @cpradio

I am at a loss. I guess I am still biased against MS. LOL Being 56 I guess I show my disgust too easily. I loved VB6 and I felt that they totally destroyed it when they popped out .Net.

Back in the Y2K days I was a developer that made good money converting DBase code to VB6 & Access. Then .Net came out and they priced me out of updating and the training classes were out of this world.

The company would not pay for the new training and they ended up leaving that platform. I did think ASP was pretty cool at the time but this was a DOD shop so internet based development was a dead thought.

But that is another story.


Ah, well if you do come up with something, please let me know. We definitely want to make it so people who utilize Mono (for example), can easily enter their discussions in that category too. We don’t want people not knowing where to post their topic :smile: