Is there a way to do this?

Is there some way, to see why Google isn’t listing a website please?

How old is it?

Have to tried a search, to check whether it’s been indexed?

Okay, sorry, thanks to the last reply, I tried that and it is being indexed. It’s been on the net for about 2 years, loads of great content and quite a bit of backlinks, but nowhere to be seen in any of the results.

I presume you’ve had no messages in Webmaster Tools that would indicate any kind of problem. Could it just be that there is an awful lot of good-quality competition in your niche?

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Please tell us more about your website and business and what is the URL?

It’s hard to believe you have “great content” and have been online for 2 years and your site isn’t even indexed by Google…

I think you have a loading problem which is why you cannot find it on Google although it is there like someone said.