Is there a text file type applicable in all text editing programs?

is there a text file type applicable in all text editing programs?

For example, you could edit it, at least to some defree, with either a:

  • Simple text editor (like Microsoft Notepad)
  • Source code editor (like Geany or Visual Studio Code)
  • Rich text editor (like LibreOffice Writer)
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Sure, a plain text (.txt) file. There’s no format to that other than character encodings.


Editors such as those are designed to process files using a word processor format, not plain text.

If you want to see all the file types that a program can process then try creating a file using it. The editors you specify will each offer a large list of possibilities, except not Notepad.

As in your question about counting letters in the New Testament, you need to be specific. Either you mean plain text or formatted text. RTF text is different from HTML text and there are many other formats. With plain text the data could be ASCII or it could be one of many possible ways to use Unicode.

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My other question doesn’t have anything to do with this question and I was specific — a file type that all of the aforementioned program types could process or let the user edit, at least to some degree (depending on the program type).

Yes, the plain text file type with the .txt extension is universally recognized and editable by all text editing programs.