Is there a chance for a young (very ambitious) web developer from Egypt?

My name is Ahmed Saeed, a young web developer with 3+ years work experience in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, and jQuery. I can also convert PSD to Fully funcitional web applications. And I am only asking for advice.

I am living in a non-developer friendly environment, but I always had the determination to train and practice myself to become a better developer on my own time and expenses. I am currently in Egypt which is in no way a place to start my career in web development.

I also lived a few years in the US a while back, and my family are constantly visiting the United States (My sister is an American citizen as well, since she was born in Atlanta, GA). The reason I am stating this is to ensure you that relocating to the United States is certainly never going to be an issue (and at my own expense!).

Language is absolutely not be an issue. I am fluent in English, and fair in French, with Arabic as my mother tongue of course.

I have good communication skills and I’m constantly available on phone or Skype. I have previously worked, led, and managed projects remotely.

I would go to any lengths (and expenses) to learn from the best, and I will go to any lengths for only a chance to achieve what I have always dreamed of despite being next to impossible in the place I am currently in. I only ask a chance, I certainly have the passion for it, and will fight rigorously for it no matter how much more effort, sweat, and sleepless nights I need to exert (and there has been a lot).

I am not even asking for an immigration or anything full time, I would gladly settle to be a trainee or an intern at first if that is what it will take for me to be doing something that I love, even if I have to pay for it myself.

Again, DO I HAVE A CHANCE?! I am desperate, and if there is, where do I start?

I’d say that you definitely have a chance. :slight_smile: It sounds to me like you are smart and motivated. I know that here at SitePoint we sponsor people (with a bit more experience than you, admittedly) for jobs if they are the right fit for our company, so I am sure many others do the same. My advice would be to put together an impressive portfolio of personal projects so that you have something to show prospective employers.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Why you shouldn’t have chances…I think you will have more than one !
Have you tried to register yourself in website like freelancer & Co. or even Fiverr & Co. Those could be a the beginning of something good ! Good Luck :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all your replies guys, they helped a lot. I have indeed registered myself into a lot of these sites and I am working on it.

SitePoint is great, thanks for everything :slight_smile:

Because of that experiences I can say that probably you really have the chance with it. Just keep your skills and develop it as much as possible.

There is a chance for everyone! Just believe yourself and never stop learning :slight_smile:

I think the answer is obvious and you’re just looking for validation. It seems, you will move to U.S. eventually. If that is the case, I advise you start taking college courses that can be transferrable in U.S. Then once you’re in U.S., resume school. You may think of not going to college but once you have a degree (preferrably in computer science) there will be many doors for you to enter.

I would just like to give you one advice when you want to become successful in anything. Make sure you can be reached and you stay in contact with your clients and update on things that you have been working on. there too many whi are skilled but just don’t know how to manage their own clients.

I am sure you will be going to do fine, why don’t you drop me a pm or leave your email here so we could have a chat. I am always looking for skiled people with fresh ideas.