Is the percentage share for this project realistic?

I have been invited to be part of a project for a website in the tourism area. I have been handed over a 20+ pages document describing all its financing by participants and tasks to create a website, the core business, involving tourism information, online booking, online shopping for local goods and real estate opportunities.

Most of the money, 75%, will be coming from governmental funding. Values shown here are in US$, I guess by developped countries standard it doesn’t look a lot of money but it actually is good money in the country I am living in. I guess if you are reading this message from a European country or the US you should multiply the value by about 3 to match your reality.

My question is what do you guys think about the percentage’s share for each item shown below ?

Without having any idea of what the project entails (specifically) or what is supposed to be built, it’s impossible to say if that financial breakdown is reasonable or not.