Is that right ppt slide submission help to increase website ranking?

Is that true power point slide submission help in increasing website ranking. Can anyone suggest me how to do it and where should i start power point slide submission.

Create the ppt presentation of your product. Make sure its attractive and appealing
Register in and upload your slide. You are done with slidesharing and surely it does improve traffic, rankings and sales.

Powerpoint slide doesn’t helps to create backlings but a good powerpoint slide on slide share and 4share may help you to get good traffic on our site…

[FONT=verdana]There might or might not be good reasons to upload your presentations to an appropriate sharing site - but SEO is not one of them.

Just think about it. Why would Google give any weight to content that is completely controlled by the site that it is promoting? It’s no different from posting spammy forum messages or blog comments, or linking to your own site from social bookmarking sites.

Unless you have some other good reason to upload your presentations, don’t bother. Focus on improving your site’s content instead.


Thanks for your precious suggestions, i appreciate that you gave me some good info about PPT submission i really like to use your suggestions for my website promotion.

How to get good traffic through powerpoint slide submission. Please give some more info if possible.

Should i use only slideshare or is there any other site also which can help me to improve traffic.

Hello Community,
It only helps when we have done proper SEO for that particular PPT slide otherwise value of PPT slide is zero. In other words we can say that it will only help when you plan to spread your business in local market. You have to invite maximum businessmen in a particular hotel and finally you can start power point presentation in front of them. It is a long process and require huge amount of money.


Slideshare presentations tend to rank extremely well in Google, especially for long-tail keyword phrase.

Placing a high quality content followed by the link and placing this in the ppt and submit it in the page rank ppt submission sites like 4share, slide share will increase traffic to your site.

should i use my website link inside ppt or not.


If I’m allowed I’d like to share the article, that might help you with this question. The article is “5 Ways to Promote Your Business With Online Slideshows”
I hope it helps!

I hate to sound patronising, but why would it? Who could possibly thing that adding slideshows to a website would make Google think it’s a better website.

The answer is 100%, undoubtedly, no.

Thanks to share this link there was lots of helpful content for users to understand benefits of slide submissions and also others related info.

Thanks again

Power Point Submissions is not a Link building Service, but by creating excellent Power Point & doing submissions of that you can get great traffic.
It’s just like getting traffic using you tube video submissions.
You can use slideshare to submit your PP

You are welcome! I’m glad I helped :slight_smile:

It will help your ranking and will also drive good traffic to your website if you create a good one.

Thanks but i like to ask you one that if i upload same PPT with same content on multiple slide sharing website will it be count as spamming or not?

visitors should view your PPT and also improve your traffics

It MIGHT encourage people to visit your site IF the slide was good/useful/interesting; if it is any old tat you have cobbled together I do not see why it would. If when they reach your site it is not useful or interesting they will not bother to stay or visit again.

But your PPT should be very attractive and providing good information to the visitors.Then only it should be effective for your website branding.