Is social media a trustworthy channel to market an investment platform?

Hi everyone. This is my first time doing marketing for B2C, I used to do B2B before. My team and I just launched our product, an online investment platform for individual customers. We are about to start doubling down on marketing, and social media is one of the channels that I would take on as the very first step. However, I’m not very sure if it is suitable for a product like an investment platform. If yes, what’s the best way to go about marketing it on social media?

(Disclaimer: I am not a marketer. I am not offering financial or business advice.)

I would think your primary concern would be the targeting of your social media marketing. Splashing your platform on teenagers’ twitter feeds isn’t going to be very productive, but targeted campaigns on facebook may yield better results.

I’m not sure what your definition of ‘trustworthy’ is. Social media doesn’t usually have a ‘trustworthy’ factor to it.

Hey friend, If you think “trustworthy” on any platform in marketing, that may not leed you to go beyond it. Think positively don’t be in a confused mood always. Do research on which platform do you want to do marketing where it may be social media or Google Ads or something else whats in your mind.

According to
97% of marketers are using Social Media

and 78% of salespeople are selling their products by using social media according to

and also according to 50% of small businesses are still not using social media which is very much beneficial for their business

But there is more useful for your business to increase your sales by using social media. I want to share some important advantages

  1. Social media can help with link building
  2. Build Buyer Commitment
  3. As coming to Social Media It’ absolute free you can make advertisements with spending any penny.
  4. It helps in driving conversions
  5. Creates conversations all over your brand.
  6. Explain about your Band’s Story
  7. Using hashtags will leads to increase your reach.
  8. Research how to tie up with your followers through social media.
  9. There will be direct referral traffic to your blog or websites.
  10. Set up your Brand as an Interesting Authority.

and there are so many using if go through some useful sites in Google.


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