Is Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) procedural or OOP?

Well I’ve read about articles of SOA, never was a fan of it but I do see some OOP practices start to use certain concepts in SOA in the application. I am doing DDD right now, and of course I still reading articles and books from time to time. In a recent book I read, the author claimed that the application services are procedural in style. This makes me wonder that services are inherently procedural. But I thought, SOA is an architecture, not a paradigm. So in theory it should be totally possible to write SOA or the services with OOP(and by OOP, I mean the design approach, not merely using objects). What do you think? Do you know what is the best way to write service classes and methods so they follow good OO practices, rather than turning into procedural mess?

Isn’t every program (especially those offering a service) procedural in the end? I think so.

OOP is just a different way to encapsulate the pieces to the whole procedure (or group of procedures), with the end effect that we get objects out of them, which hold state and behavior. They help us with the “mental model”, which is so important in DDD.

In the end, you can have a service that is built with OOP, but it still carries out a simple procedure or task or whatever else you want to call it, which concerns itself with getting a piece of work done.


Well thats not really what I meant, I was talking about the design approach. Perhaps if I turn a service’s methods into method objects, its more object oriented.

What kind of service are you talking about?


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