Is RWD the most successful niche market at the moment?

Hi all,
Almost every business has a website. However, only about 0.01% of them are mobile friendly! Looking at my client’s stats, it seems more than 60% of their users are viewing their sites on some kind of mobile device. Most of my clients are also heavy mobile phone users. I have yet to officially reach out to them, but has it been easy for you sell the Responsive Web Design (RWD) idea to your clients and/or new customers?There are so many famous local restaurants right outside my door that are terrible on mobile devices (you have to zoom in to view) and I’m thinking of approaching them with this no-brainer attitude that they need a RWD website. It’s almost as if clients have no choice but to pay to have their site “mobile-ized” these days or risk being left in the dust. I just finished my first RWD project for a restaurant and I’m excited about the potential opportunities in this RWD market. Thoughts? Has convincing a client or potential client that they need a mobile friendly website been one of the easiest conversions for your business?

I have to say I’m not convinced about RWD, it still feels like something of a fad to me. Why? Because I’m quite happily using the internet on my mobile (which is not a high-end model). What makes a huge difference to me is not RWD, but a separate mobile site that cuts out on the reams of JavaScript, because it’s the bandwidth and processor time that I’m more bothered about. My phone does a perfectly Ok job of sorting out the layout, but when a few pages from a site eat up a huge chunk of my data allowance and chomp their way through half a battery charge, that’s a bigger problem.

Thank you for your feedback. The “mobile first” approach addresses your concerns by hiding or eliminating the elements that are not needed (photos, extra code, etc). Also, RWD addresses all the devices from ATM kiosks to the fast rising “smart TV” market (supposed to be the next big thing), automobile systems, etc.