Is responsive web design worth it when only 30% of visitors are from mobile devices?

I am debating about redoing my site in a responsive web design. The thing is my site only gets about 500 visitors each month and 30% of those are from mobile devices. I know mobile devices will be the future, I just don’t know if I should wait until the visitors get to 50% mobile devices. My site is written in html 5 and CSS 3, so I don’t think that it would be too much work to switch it over. My site can be found <snip>Link deleted</snip>

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I’ve removed your link because it wasn’t necessary to answer your question.

I’d say that you may be asking this question if only 5-6% of your traffic came from mobile devices but with a 30% the answer is really: Yes, of course it is!

But even if you only had this 5-6% of traffic from mobile devices, I would still answer yes although in this case it wouldn’t be mandatory. The reason is that it is better to be prepared for the future and better safe and sorry. And if there’s something that we know is that mobile devices are a growing number (in number of devices and in number of visitors to our webs)

Also, especially if you’re living or want to live from designing/building websites, using the latest technologies (if it make sense, of course, not for the shake of showing off) and trends that will likely remain for a long while (this is the things with trends, you never know what will stick but…) will benefit you. Your image as a designer/developer will be of one well informed of the most efficient ways of using those technologies and that knows well his job.

Probably, you’ll see an increase of your traffic once you’ve redone your site using a responsive method.

It certainly is worth investing into responsive design. As molona has pointed out, it’s best to be prepared for the future. Mobile device usage is growing rapidly enough to the point that within, I want to say roughly 10 years, that laptops and desktop computers will become obsolete for the general consumer. Mobile applications are being made to replace general computing needs like word processing. That’s not to say that laptops and desktops won’t be used; they will still be used by heavier computer users like designers and developers.

Also, if you are going to go responsive, you’re much better off investing in it now than later. Especially if your traffic data supports it. If you invest in it later, you have to worry about layout, what parts of the site stays and what parts are removed. It’s much easier to work small then work your way up than it is the other way around. And this applies not only to web development, but design as well.

Thanks molona!

I just don’t know if I should wait until the visitors get to 50% mobile devices.

if your site is a pain to navigate on mobile, why would more visit on mobile? <– another question to keep in mind

And the snowball effect: a disappointed mobile visitor will not “spread the word” in her/his network –> less grow in the amount of visitors (mobile as well as desktop) than possible.

You should most definitely make your site responsive. 30% is a big part of your visitors, it will keep growing in the future. If the visitors will see that they can go to your site with their mobile device and be comfortable with it, they will come more often and be a lot more satisfied. It is estimated, that mobile internet users will surpass regular in about a year or less… so get ready for that :slight_smile:

Exactly! Don’t wait until 50%, you should remember that if people had a bad experience with your site, if it crashed via mobile, they won’t return to you for the next time. There are a lot of competitors who are ready with separate mobile site or even the application. Whom would the users choose? The answer is obvious.