Is quora partner platform a good place to earn passive income?

I have heard a lot about quora platform where you get invited to joining the partner program in which you’ll get paid for asking questions. is it legit?

Your topic title is asking a different question to your post, @jaisonthomas099, which may lead to some confusion.

To answer the question in your post, it’s “legit”, in that there is such a scheme operated by Quora, who can run their site as they see fit. Whether or not it’s a good thing is a matter of opinion.

Is it a good place to earn passive income? I have no idea. I’d imagine you would need to be asking a lot of high-quality questions to earn any meaningful amount.

Quora is good platform for passive income. For earning from quora first you should post your best content after increasing your upvotes and followers you should join some good affiliate programs and promote your affiliate links on quora.