Is phpmyadmin buggy?

I have XAMPP installed, and I have a few databases. Everything seems good if import its tables into the database

But,when I go to phpmyadmin on a bluehost server and try the same thing, I get…

Different MySQL versions.

Your local XAMPP is running a newer version of MySQL (actually probably MariaDB) than the server is. The server’s version doesnt allow a default value for a BLOB/TEXT/JSON field. MariaDB only started allowing defaults on Blob/text in 10.2.1. MySQL allows expressions in those default values starting in 8.0.13.


dang, should I ask them to update their db to MariaDB?

that’s a political question, not a database question

what difference does it make whether the column says ‘none’ or is null?


I mean, my first check would be to see what version the server is running. SELECT version();

If it’s MySQL > 8.0.13, there could be a workaround expression that would come out with the same end result ("None" is not an expression.). If it’s not, or it’s MariaDB < 10.2.1, then… yeah, we’re back to the opinion question rather than the factual.

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