Is PHP suitable for this project?

Project - A web based shop inventory management system.

Concept – An individual manages a shop with thousands of tools. These tools are then put into various kits for different jobs. The manager is able to log onto the site and create a name for the kit and then list all of the tools contained in the kit. They would be able to create many kits of tools, each kit may contain some of the same instruments but there would be variations between kits depending on what job the kit is used for.

Employees would then be able to log on and see the various kits. The employee clicks on the kit name and can see a list of all the tools in the kit, quantity of each tool and the part number of each item required in the kit
(ie… Quantity 4 - Phillips Screw Driver – Part # 234-23)

  • Important – The employee is able to print a list of the above information for a kit.

Additional desired function –
*The employee can click on any tool and see a picture that the manager uploaded to see what the tool looks like.
*Search function – if a needed tool is missing from the kit, you can see which other kits contain the same tool.
*Shops can share information – if a shop needs a tool they can see if a shop within the same network has the tool

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: No… not if you’ve never coded in php and you’re intending to create it yourself within a reasonable timescale. If you’ve got other web programming experience you’ll pick it up pretty quick but if you have no experience it can take months to get a project up and running after spending a day or 3 solving some irritatingly simple problems etc.

Thank you for the reply, I really only have functional knowledge of html and css. So likely would hire out for the project rather than stumble through myself. But wanted to know if PHP would be the right skill set if I were contracting out.


That could be built with any server side language including PHP. It’s basically CRUD interactions with a database. No problem.