Is PHP really the best language to use for blogs and forums nowadays...?

Hi guys

Most blogs/forums use php to work and I was just wondering is php still the best one to use…?

From what Ive heard cms’s like wp, drupal etc are very very easy to hack into the admin panel. Is this because of bad coding or are there just better, less complicated languages out…?

If someone was to consider another language to write a blog or perhaps forum with what would you suggest.

I have to say Ive been learning php for a couple of months now and it is still confusing the hell out of me (but it is my first programming language)

P.S If this is the wrong forum I do apologise, it just seemed the most relevant

PHP is the best language to use in general but Python and Ruby are fighting for it’s spot with Python coming close!

PHP is just the most popular, you’ll find more resources for it. but then ASP/Python/Java are other ones you can use. If you’re not sure jsut go for PHP you wont regret it.

Thanks guys

The only thing I dont like about php is that to do one small thing seems to take bloody ages to write, line after line.

Im not sure how other programming languages are but coming from css and html it sure is different lol

PHP is more popular and facilitates less experienced developers than say C++ might. No reason blogs and forums shouldn’t still be written in PHP though, it’s more than capable. :slight_smile:


At the end of the day it all comes down to to the coding, not the language used.

Re your comment on PHP taking ages to write :-

The higher level the language the less flexible it is by default. Dropping down to a low level language and you are playing with the building blocks of programming, ‘machine code’ , instructing the processor for every step anything is possible, but it takes much more effort and time.

Good languages have to balance between the the two extremes to make them intuitive to us humans yet flexible enough to adapt to our needs.

As with everything, learning and becoming proficient takes time and practice, there is no quick fix or shortcut, just keep on doing it

You could code on anything, but as most *nix vendors incorporate PHP into their default server stack right from the start and so many applications support it getting around using PHP is usually very difficult.

I guess youre all right but at the moment if I read or hear about another bloody variable Im gonna test my flying skills

Thanks guys


Were here to point you in the right direction, post some code and what problems your finding, there may be a better way to go about it :wink:

Thanks Mandes

PHP is very popular in Content Management System. Its great advantage is that PHP-based CMS’s are open-source, which makes building a site with a CMS easier.