Is PHP code generator usefu in web development?

Is PHP code generator useful in web development? What is the shortcoming of using it?

To be honest, I don’t do code generators (not for PHP, not for CSS, not for anything)

If you don’t have a clue about what you’re doing, it may solve the problem at hand and you can look at the code and learn from it. But if you understand what’s going on, chances are that you’ll be able to write better code by yourself

I also suggest learning the code. Avoid CSS frameworks (if possible), but PHP frameworks can and will save your time.

For Some Project Php code generator is helpful.I havent used any code generator.Most Of my Php projects are CRUDE per my best knowledge ,php code generator is helpful only to certain limit. Logical part of program, you have to code it manually.


As the most popular back-end scripting terminology used on the web these days,PHP is reinforced by a number of beneficial resources that improve work circulation and increase efficiency. Thanks mainly to its pretty superficial studying bend, it’s possible for even the most unskilled web experts to make powerful sites quickly with PHP

Take a look at the list of PHP Code Generators - - so many of them exist.
While learning how to code what you need is extremely important, you are likely to do the repeated pattern of list, edit, delete, details, disable/enable etc - so many times over various projects. One day if you find out that you are doing same CRUD operations while you are creating a lot of uniquely different applications; there you feel the need of a code generator. In fact, I too came up with my own code generator though haven’t found a proper name for it yet.

PHP Code Generators or code generators for other applications too save a bulk of time - by producing similar source code that you would write if you begun from the scratch. Your choice of tool should be able to write the pattern of CRUD codes for you in the way you want - which is much important. Then you can spare time for other parts of the coding - like better management, etc.

Plus, if your colleagues worked for you, they would produce the same source code that you expected.