Is Photoshop 8 or CS is unfit for Graphics Design?

I am using Photoshop CS for a long time and find that it is the best graphics software. But now there are many version of Photoshop like CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5. The latest version is going on and on. My question is while Photoshop CS give me all the things I needed then what is the utility of others versions?:x

There’s always bells and whistles that come with new versions, but if the versions you have serve you well, there’s no real reason to upgrade other than to maintain marketability (i.e. being able to put it on your resume/curriculum veritae) and to say you have the newest shiny toy.

The one main reason for keeping your self up-to-date is the “compatibility” issue. New features, fonts, effects may not work in previous versions, and your competitor could easily out gun you, by giving the cutting edge version.

To be honest, the new tricks are handy time savers. I like them. But I DISLIKE the “unfit for GD” idea of this post. As some say :"It’s the indian not the arrow. " PS1 is still fit for GD ( assuming you culd find a machine to run it and had the time to the effect s manually), but with a little know ledge of why things happen… you can most of what CS5 PS can do in PS2 or 3 using maps, histogram sliders, and multiple layers and masks. Is it a royal pain… YES. as far as career does it look better on a resume to put the lates version yes ( keep in mind HR people dont know squat about design… they are just searching for keywords given to them by managers who probably dont know squat about design either). You know … in art /creative direction most of my work is still DEMANDED in PENCIL ( or ink).

Long answer short. NO. There is no such thing as unfit for GD unless it lack aesthetic value. It’s a nice bonus or edge to know the latest toys tho, if you can get your hands on them.

Adobe offers trial versions, you you can give them a whirl for yourself to see if you’ll actually benefit from the additional features that newest version brings.

The CS6 Beta version is actually out and free. You can download, install it, and try it out - if you find anything different, really useful, or better than before, you can buy the upgrade when it comes out.


Remember–a beta is not a finished product. Expect bugs, crashes, and errors.

Sure, expect them, but it’s still relatively stable. And it’s a longer trial (I think) than a normal CS5 trial.


The presence of this versions are geared towards providing customers with the latest features. What is good with the latest version is that they also have the features of their predecessors. You do not actually have to worry if you plan on getting the newest version.