Is it right to get facebook likes using sites like Traffup?

I have been using traffup for free facebook likes. I haven’t submitted my FB password, so i assume there is no risk to my FB account. Also, i am getting quite a lot of FB likes, which is cool.

But i am not sure if it is right to get facebook likes using such websites?

It is definitely not right, and probably against Facebook’s policy. This might get you banned.

i dont think this might banned you because i try add me fast its also cool . but its all come to risk.
because when i tried i got message from friend he said that you like so much page which i did not.
so i just check its hundred up page like by me with out my knowledge so dont try it.

yes you can use such sites for facebook like the likes you get from here is not fake its real i also have heard such a site like4like i think it’s good one

No they’re not. Real “likes” are where a genuine visitor to your page has enjoyed your content and wants to register that fact. Any “like” which is the result of somebody visiting your page purely for their own gain - be it points, money or whatever - is fake and not worth having. Most of these visitors have probably not even bothered to read the page.

I understand that the thinking behind fake likes is that by having numerous likes on your page, you can somehow fool people into believing that your content must be good, but fortunately, most people are not that gullible and can tell good content from bad on their own, without the endorsement of other folk.

Not only that, but it is my understanding that having many Likes can have a negative effect.
i.e. your updates don’t get seen by those more likely to be interested in them,

Better to have a few quality Likes than to have many useless ones.

The likes that these sites generate are basically fake and useless, I know that some people argue that they want to add some likes to a fresh page so it doesn’t look so new, but people are savvy you really won’t fool anyone. Better to just get quality content on there as soon as possible and build your like organically.

If you need some likes just to get started, reach out to communities and forums and just ask, many people will help.


But don’t do it here. :slight_smile:

Nope, not actually… It is not right in eyes of Facebook and Google and for you also. Because they are not active user and you can not get a traffic ti your site.

I agree, getting likes through paid or unpaid resource for your personal or business purpose is not right. It is unethical and also you are misusing the system. Facebook ‘Like’ system is in place so that real user can go through your content and if they like it can go ahead and register their like but when you start faking it, the whole system and those who genuinely try hard for great content and spread a word are being effected.

Getting likes from tools is alright but we have to do it in control. Since you have asked about tools you might want to check more tools like Postific, Hootsuite and more!

Getting Facebook likes from paid resource won’t help you to get more traffic or visitor to your business website. It just waste of time. You need to create your audience in nature way so that they can act as your speaker in public. buying facebook likes is just helps to show this much of people likes your business, but no use from it (from the point of social media optimization).

In my opinion,I do not prefer these kind of like system.

Thanks everyone.

The consensus is No Don’t

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