Is it of to show only 2 projects in a portfolio?


I am in the process of completing the design of my blog/portfolio website. I am happy with its design, and I am planing to start blogging tutorials on web design (mainly to show possible clients that I know what I am talking about)

Because I have not had any client work so far, I do not have many client projects to show on my portfolio. I have about 8 projects that I have worked on over time, but there are only two that I would proudly show on my portfolio.

Would it be ok if I only show two projects in my portfolio for now? And over time, when I get more work done, should 3 to 4 be the target. But again, for now is it ok is I only show two projects.


I think it is good to say something like: “Here is two of my projects” and show them. Maybe some visitors will like them, and will be interested.

You can design some great looking mock ups to show them to your potential clients. You can also convert these mock up to a web page too. This way your prospects will be more likely to hire you. I won’t hire anyone if he just have only 2 projects in his portfolio unless these 2 are too big projects.

How many mockups would I need in order to be hired by anyone with your standarts

Does having a personal blog change anything?

Thanks for your responses


I have finished building my portfolio site, but noticed that I only have two project that I can show on my portfolio

  • another blog&portfolio design
  • a to do list manager site

It is almost a year since I graduated and have not been able to find a job (payed or unpaid) as a result I do not have client projects to show on my portfolio and all my efforts to find charities that need a website have not resulted in anything

Can you recommend me some project ideas that I can work on so that I can add them to my portfolio to show that I know what I am doing

  • I did think of designing few more blogs and portfolios and show them as projects, but it be nice if I had a variety of designs

  • I also thought of making up brand names, for example a fake hotel and then create a site for it.

Anyway could you please advice me on what I can work on in order to build up some projects.


I think two is fine, its better to show some of your work then nothing. Hopefully you can fill in the portfolio with more stuff as time goes on.


In order to get more stuff is it ok to make fake projects?

if so, can you give me any ideas on what kind of site I should try and build

[FONT=Verdana]It’s fine to make demo projects - which I’m sure is what you really mean. :slight_smile: Just say that it’s an example of what can be achieved. As long as you’re honest, there won’t be a problem.

You can try thinking about the kinds of businesses you’re likely to end up working for, and try to build something to fit. Even better is if you can find a church, charity or community group who would appreciate a site but be unable to afford one. Donate your services, and you get experience of working with real clients as well as a site for your portfolio - and a whole lot of happy people who’ll hopefully recommend your services to their friends and relations. :slight_smile:


Depends how you present it…If you have a lot of empty space around, small pictrues and no description it will look lacking.
On the other hand with some nice screen shots, a frame around it and some side bars it could fit perfectly and look great.

I’m sure that number of work not so important . More important to show a serious projects , because people don’t watch how many websites you create or for who , they watch what can you do for them .