Is it Good to Post 50 Free Ads Per Day?

Post free Ad definitely brings traffic and enquires for particular product/service but posting 50 Ads per day. i feel like it is spam. What do you think? is it really achievable and profitable?
Thanks in advance.

One thing I have experience in my life is when I started publishing ads on craigslist I got some clients. I do not believe in publishing a specific numbers of ads each day I think number has nothing to do in getting traffic. This is my opinion.

Definitely smells like spam, I believe you shouldn’t do, more that 15-20 per day

Thanks Jessee.

Are we talking about publishing in the same site? Of course, it is spam! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need to diversify the platforms you publish to. Maybe even give social media some time!

Hi, Post 50 Ads per day it’s not good its a spamming. I suggest you, You should post 5-10 Ads per day on High PR sites and check Domain Authority, Page Rank, Page Authority on that site which you post ads.

Robert, where do i find high pr sites for ads and what kind of ads are you referring to, i guess, for example cpc would become very expensive on that many pr sites.

To much publishing is bad for product, because google will discard the link…backlinks will get reduced…

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@Ramya, I am not telling about cpc. I am talk about free classifieds ads which you will get from google.

Hi, you can post ads in number but remember few things:

  1. Ads should not be copy pasted every time (Use unique content)
  2. Topic should be different everytime you gonna post an ads
  3. Do not encourage plagiarism.
  4. Images should be unique on every ads
  5. Don’t do it all in just an hour. Have a break with KitKat and do it in intervals.

If you can follow these simple rules, may be you can post upto 30 to 40 ads in a day


even i check locations in GA so that i can target more…

Google may see that as unnatural and may penalised your website.

50 ads per day sounds spamming. If you want to get traffic in your website it doen’t matter how much quantity you do per day. Quality of the resources and your ad matters. So, just post on quality classified posting sites.

It depends on many things, the most important: how long time you have your website. What kind of websites are places where you make backlinks with ads (page rank, trust rank - reputation) Are these websites well loking or spamed looking?