Is it cheaper to advertise on a website (adsense) rather than on


Will it be cheaper to advertise on a particular website (adsense)?

If I sell graphic design services (ebook ecovers, header images, etc) don’t you think Google/Bing and other search engines are better to advertise on rather than facebook?


Are you referring to Google’s Display Network when you use the term Adsense? The Display Network is how they refer to the network of websites that have codes on their site to show Google ads.

It would all depend on which websites and at which audience you were choosing to market. Graphic design is an incredibly competitive niche and it is one where people will commonly click your ad to look at your work, even when they are not interested in spending money. You will need to have a very good landing page in order to convert the traffic that comes in.

Facebook sucks for marketing unless you want people to “like” a page.

If you choose to do this make sure and use the display network adplanner to tightly restrict where they appear. It might work out cheaper but for a couple reasons I’d generally recommend avoiding ‘display network’ as a) the users aren’t focused on finding a product like they are on search so convert poorly b) there are loads of spam sites where your ads will suddenly appear and get loads of suspicious clicks and blatant click fraud, draining your ad budget.

IMHO it think you are looking at it the wrong way.

Advertising is very effective and it all comes down to which one walks well for you. They are all expensive and they are al cheap…it depends on what you are getting out of them. Advertising is not my field but i know there are many ways to advertise like PPC, search, display, PPV etc. Have a look at other people in your competition and see what they are doing…is it working for them? Is so …copy it


IF it’s not your field how can u say I’m looking at it the wrong way

Yes. I wish to know if it’s cheaper a yes or no or can’t tell will do.

I did not say you are…i said i think and made it clear it is my opinion only…

what you do is up to you…i also make that clear

I guess it is cheaper to give adds on other sites…because you may know in which sites you will be getting heavy traffic and so your add will get much popularity…

no probs was going to get crazy…

You can set either up to be cheaper or more expensive than the other. It is 100% determined by the campaign you set up.

One medium is not going to be automatically cheaper than the other. The conversion rate will be based on your ability to convert them with your ad, and that should play the largest role in determining which ad style you choose.

Yes in fact I was going to use a software that will find pages that get super high traffic and very specific pages too related to what I’m selling.