Is it advisable to buy the service of an SEO expert?

Please, is it advisable to buy the services of an SEO expert? Or should I just do the little I know about SEO? e.g build backlinks, do blog comments, get social links, make daily content updates… e.t.c

Is buying the service of SEO relevant at all?

I have these two other questions:

  1. how do I get genuine backlinks on my own?
  2. how can I rank for a particular keyword?

I need a deep knowledge of the two questions I asked above if I’m to do my SEO by myself.


Google has an article to help you decide whether or not you need to hire someone, and if so, how to choose a reputable company.

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They can provide good services, but also sketchy services.
A good SEO company might be nothing more than a good web dev company in general. They check your links and alt tags and header tags and page speed and a couple dozen other things with a focus on use of keywords.
They help setup and configure Google Analytics and Console. Run the site through a few scanners and crawlers to pick out bugs, make sure it’s mobile responsive, the list goes on.

Avoid companies that promise 1st page Google results. Nobody knows where a site will rank, especially if it’s non-authoritative or not a popular site. And moreso if it uses keywords with any level of competition.

I would also avoid companies that promise backlinks. How can anyone promise this? I run a handful of websites and nobody ever contacts me asking to place links on my site. That’s not how organic linking works. If they promise a thousand backlinks, it’s because they are sending your link into some sketchy backlink network where it will go in various forums and chat boxes and “directories” across the web. Totally useless links that Google all but ignores.

You want organic backlinks from websites that are more traffic’d than yours. Quality blogs and sites. Not link spam. And those aren’t easy to get.

An “SEO Expert” in 2017 is little more than a quality web developer, since good SEO practices are well established and commonly implemented by professionals when creating sites. In other words, good SEO is the same thing as good web design and development with a little extra emphasis on keyword use.



If you have little knowledge about SEO then you can’t do it by yourself. You have to hire an SEO Expert for sure. If you have to do it by yourself then you have at least basic knowledge so that you will develop your SEO skills more.

First, select a Good SEO Course to learn about it then try to create a free blog for doing practice then you will develop your skills for sure.

Always hire someone with recommendations, don’t trust them just on their word.

Unless you want to spend all of your expendable free time working on it, I would recommend subcontracting the work. The majority of good SEO is, yes, good web design. But you need someone to update content, do keyword research, attempt to get backlinks, etc.

Hello, if you want you can do the SEO by your own but if you take help of a reputed SEO company.But such agencies will follow all the latest strategies of SEO so that they can fulfil the business goals of their clients. Hiring SEO company can save time.

I would suggest to buy seo services as you. As you don’t know much about SEO, chances are you will end implementing Black Hat Techniques, which are against Google guidelines and ultimately can destroy your website ranking and traffic.

So you should get seo done from SEO expert, as he will handle your website carefully and will make sure he doesn’t end affecting your website negatively.

It’s very easy to avoid violating Google’s guidelines if you simply take time to read them. They are really very helpful and fully explain what you should do to improve your chances of being found by search engines, and what not to do, to avoid incurring penalties.

There is a helpful beginners guide: “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and more detailed information for those who want it:

If you have no or little knowledge of SEO then it is advisable to hire an SEO expert.
Next, in order to build quality backlinks focus on Guest Posting. To rank keywords higher build backlinks to that particular URL and not to the homepage.

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