Is it a bug or something?

Hello All,

I don’t know in which category to put these question on website.
Yesterday i downloaded a script for a slider from a website. For all the images that needs to be used for it,i created a new folder on my local server. I was going through that images again today and surprisingly i found a folder there called LOGIN_files and that has all the scripts that i used on the Login page. Is it a bug or some other danger for my scripts and websites? I am about to launch my website this Monday, please let me know what this is exactly.

Sounds weird, but more like a mistake you might have made.

The only time I get “whatever underscore files” folders saved on my machine (Windows 7) is when I “save as complete page”.

May be i made mistake as you all say…
@Mittineague – this might be the case…

But thanks all for your responses.

What I’ve done when I’ve made mistakes (and I’ve made plenty, especially when I didn’t understand the supposedly “simple” instructionns) is try again. (I’m stubborn presistant)

I’ts a common “human” problem, those that are familiar leave out details that those less familliar need. Remember this when you’re writing your own code for others and you’ll gain bounnds.

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Agreed Mittineague, we can improve ourselves by learning new things from our mistakes only…