Is interior design as important as web design?

I understand that comparing interior design and web design is like comparing a dog and a cat (there is nothing to compare), BUT I wanna know, do web designers pay as much attention to design of their flats/houses as they do to design of their web-sites.
I’m personally a web-designer as well, but now during the renovation of my flat, I can’t call myself as any kind of “designer” anymore :slight_smile: I feel myself absolutely useless.
I even can’t make a choice what kind of wallpapers I like more. And now I need your help in choosing my exterior doors.
I decided to buy this one:
But I can’t choose a color (light braun or dark braun only by myself). Please, give me a push or at least a hope, that web-designers are not worse than any interior designers in decorating an apartment!!!

I’ve lived in my house for nearly 6 years, and apart from having a new bathroom fitted, I haven’t done any decorating. I definitely pay more care and attention to the appearance of my websites!

… need your help in choosing my exterior doors.

Ah, it’s not interior design, but exterior design. :wink:
I should say it is a Strange Question (is it serious?), but quite obvious for a (web)designer:

  • Just as with a website, the right color of an element depends on the color of the rest of the elements, and on personal taste.
  • We don’t know the colors of the rest of the house, nor the environment of the house, nor your personal taste; so it’s impossible to give an advise about the dark or light variant.
  • Take a photograph of the front of your house, and paste in Photoshop or something the light colored door, and in another copy the dark one.

Compare, and make your choice! :slight_smile:

I thought that designers tend to have a creative edge that spans most aspects of life, regardless of their speciality. I guess you’ve proven me wrong. :smiley:

If you think professionally then no one can get into anyone’s business,like no interior designer can design a website like a web designer and vice-verse.But if you consider yourself interested in household activities then you can be more enthusiastic in deciding what color should be used and what furniture should be finalized.But it completely depends upon personal belonging.