Is intel pentium Processor 2117u is good buy

intel pentium Processor 2117u
is good but or not , i am not getting a satisfactory answer

I suspect that’s really hard to say for anyone because, as with anything in life, the next question is… good for what?

For what I’ve read is a dual core at 1,8 GHz. I would say it is OK but not great. If you only use Office (or OpenOffice or similar) and visit Facebook and all that is more than enough.

If you’re a serious programmer using compiled languages or a heavy gamer or an Photoshop professional, you do want more from a processor and this is Ok, you can work with it but you’ll buy something better if you can afford it

is it good for cs5 Dreamweaver, Photoshop ,php,wordpress will i able to use these application with intel pentium Processor 2117u

You’ll be able to use them, especially if you have at least 4GB of RAM (of course, I’m considering that you’ll use Windows 7 or above).

You shouldn’t have any problems.

Something to consider is that you may want something more updated (and therefore expensive) if you think that you’ll not change your computer in years and years to come

I have only 2 GB Ram it will good or not

If it is Windows 7 or above, 2 GB RAM is not much. It will work but that’s it. You’ll need 4 GB at least

ya i have windows 7 with 2 GB RAM , how to increase RAM in Laptop

Buy it, and the open the appropriate place and replace the existing one with the new one.

All laptops give easy access to RAM because it is likely that you’re going to change it at some point. Google for your particular model to see how it is done.

You do need to be careful with the characteristics of the RAM memory. Not all are good for all computers.