Is HMA Pro VPN The Best To Use For Multiple Accounts On Facebook & Social Media Sites

I’m going to create different accounts on sites like facebook & some other social media sites
is HMA still the best one to use or will it get you banned because of it’s over use.

I am still using HMA pro and it is going well…

You can use without any fear…

[FONT=Verdana]Or perhaps not, as Facebook is starting to crack down on fake accounts and users trying to game the system.


What do we need to do each time clear all our cookies,flash & keep a log of the ip addreess & use the same vpn we logged with
every time to login

I think that depends upon which browser you use. I use Google Chrome and it lets me decide which cookies to keep and which to delete in its “Advanced Settings” area. I believe Firefox is the same or similar but I don’t know about IE, Opera or other browsers.

I use opera on a laptop running xp & I also have some cleaners like ccleaner-System Mechanic & Advanced SystemCare 5

As far as HMA concerns, I have used it, not for Facebook but for another purpose. It runs well. But I don’t think it will help you to maintain your multiple accounts.

if you purchased vpn account just only to create multiple facebook account try to think that facebook has the resources to find out if you are using a vpn connection meaning there is always a danger of wasting your time creating those accounts.

If you wish to create multiple account to market more facebook likes to your customers then think it twice. Facebook can get those ip in HMA or those known vpn provider an ease just like infolinks have their database updated and can detect whos publisher using vpn connection :smiley: